Kid-Friendly Homes: 3 Quick Tips to Make Your Home a Have n for All Ages

by Robin Brady 05/09/2021

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Kids can breathe life into a living space; they have a way of warming hearts, inspiring laughter and making themselves right at home in any space they enter. But they can also introduce some unforeseen wear and tear on everyday surfaces. Designing your living space to feel like a sanctuary for both you and your young ones sets you up for a more relaxed and efficient atmosphere.

1. Dream Big and Efficiently 

Chances are you have an aesthetic in mind—your dream space for unwinding, entertaining and living your life to the fullest. The next step? Make that vision happen—but with somewhat washable textures and finishes. 

  • Swap light-colored furniture and more delicate fabrics for tough-wear, easy-clean alternatives. 

  • If you’re set on carpet, opt for carpet tiles instead of broad-weave varieties. 

  • Match your flooring options to your lifestyle. For example, vinyl is great for homes with both kids and pets. 

2. Make Your Home Youth-Accessible

Large cubbies or cabinets with drawers are a great way to give the kids access to supplies they might need, while keeping your home neat and organized. Try shelving that’s a little lower with healthy snacks or games in the kitchen to give your younger ones a little room to grab and go. Kitchen “towers” provide a safe way for kids to reach the countertops to be a part of meal prep, too. Slide-out stools in front of kitchen and bathroom sinks can also cut down on clutter.

3. Keep a Few Safety Features in Mind 

For homes with young kids, choosing furniture with rounded edges, being mindful of stone hearths and minimizing toe-stubbing obstacles, can really cut down on injury risks. If you do have pointed edges in your home, you can purchase “designer” bumpers to help round out those corners and ledges.

With these thoughtful touches, you’ll be able to design a home that fits your design personality while welcoming both parents and their young ones into the space.

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